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    Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Firefighter Rescues & Revives a Kitten!

    Californian firefighter Cory Kalanick saved a tiny kitten, later dubbed Lucky, from a house on fire in Fresno, CA. And he caught the whole thing with his helmet cam.

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    Glacier National Park after fire.

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    Veronica Lake 1940s

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    My name is John Stavas, I am a 19 year old college student at VCU. I am studying Film and Independent Directing. I have a strong passion for the moving and non-moving image. I use a Canon 6D (Canon for Life). My style of photography is story telling conceptual. A style that I find to be new and extremely fun to work with. A lot of my inspiration comes from my good friends and tumblr arts, Kyle Thompson and Nicholas Scarpinato. When taking my photos I try best to make them look cinematic. I want the viewer to not only think about the still that was shot, but what happened before and after that image was taken. My blog is mostly run by me, however I do allow my Girlfriend, who is a writer, to post poetry with some of the work I do. Enjoy my blog!!!!


  10. August 3-part cover for Trinity War